Public Works Projects

The District uses a formal competitive bid process on all public works projects unless they are under $200,000. For public works projects between $35,000 and $200,000 the District may choose to use the small works roster in lieu of a formal sealed bid procedure. Projects between $2,500 and $35,000 may choose to use a limited public works process


Bids Awarded in 2012
Schumacher Electric - Relamping Station 62 - $6839.45 (tax included)
Toft Electric - Relamping Station 61 - $19,643.32 (tax included)

Schumacher Electric - Relamping Station 64 - $10,685.44 (tax included) 

H&W/Road Rescue was awarded the Medic Unit Bid. Their proposal is $238,139.00 per medic unit.
Propane services for Central Pierce Fire & Rescue. Bid awarded to the sole bidder, CHS / Cenex. Bid amount is $0.37 per gallon over Laid in Tacoma.



Bids Awarded in 2011
Battery backup system for the 800 mhz system at Graham Hill.  Bid awarded to Battery Power Systems for $36,049.04.
Portable LPG Fire Trainer with enclosed trailer.  Bid awarded to Kidde Fire Trainers for $9,132.00. 
Fuel for all district apparatus, vehicles and equipment.  Awarded bid to the State.
Bids Awarded in 2010
Repairs at Station 67 Training Tower:  Bid awarded to Back to Basics Construction for $13,631 plus sales tax.
Purchase of hose sections:  Bid awarded to MES Northwest for $11,778.78 plus tax.
Lawn maintenance for CPFR facilities for 2011:  Bid awarded to Pierce County District Court One for $45,000.