Our Philosophy & Culture
Executive Summary
This document was prepared by members of Central Pierce Fire & Rescue to summarize the philosophy of this exceptional group of people. This document is intended to guide the relationships of all current and future members to ensure that we continue to reinforce the Department’s philosophy in our day-to-day relationships with each other and the public we serve. By setting forth these tenets, we have a standard by which to measure our personal and organizational behavior.
At Central Pierce we strive for excellence. Ours is a group with selective membership, everyone that is a member has to want to belong. If individuals choose to belong, there are expectations and standards of behavior that are not optional. We, individually and collectively, care about the well-being of our fellow members and are concerned with preserving the well-being of our organization, because it serves the common good of the members and the public.
It is our goal to provide the best possible service to those we are here to serve. The philosophy described in this document is intended to maximize our ability to consistently
achieve this goal.
Leadership is critical in maintaining the high standards of performance and the positive image of Central Pierce Fire & Rescue within the community and the fire service. Leadership responsibility, whether formal or informal, is a determining factor in the overall effectiveness and well-being of our Department. All fire department leaders share their expectations up front with people for whom they are responsible and stress the accountability of each member. Those expectations need to be realistic and in concert with the overall expectations of our Department. It is an inherent responsibility of current Central Pierce Fire & Rescue leaders to develop and instruct a capable cadre of leaders for the future that live and practice the Central Pierce Philosophy and Culture.
Each member must accept the responsibility associated with maintaining a productive work environment, delivering quality service, and cultivating change and improvements in the future. This requires a high level of commitment by all involved to make it effective. It demands dedication to focusing on the best interests of the organization and the public we serve.
True commitment requires loyalty to the organization. Commitment is easy during the good times but is truly tested during difficult times. Central Pierce Fire & Rescue is not perfect, but it is up to us to strive to make it better. Members are responsible to the organization, and it can only be as good as we are willing to commit to making it.
Organizations are not static; they are constantly changing and evolving. We, at Central Pierce Fire & Rescue, have made the decision to commit to making this change a positive and healthy experience for our members and the public.
The Central Pierce Philosophy is not intended to smother internal disagreement or to stifle individuality. It is intended to describe and maintain an environment in which the Department can remain committed to our mission to serve the public and at the same time improve the capacity of our members. We must be able to recognize organizational problems and imperfections as opportunities to continue to improve and not dwell on them to the point of missing the other positive aspects of the organization.
The responsibility to learn and practice this  philosophy lies with each individual. Members make a conscious choice to belong. With this membership must come a commitment to excellence internally and externally. It is this positive commitment that has made us what we are today, and through constant assessment and change will sustain us in the future.
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